Graceful fall



My next step as an artist is my research about fanaticism.  I have learned that fanaticism had been the reason of the best and the worst episodes in our world history.  So far I have found: 1. That fanaticism starts at home, it is taught to us through parenting and their beliefs.  2. Fanatics are usually sarcastic people and they may joke with anyone, until the joke is on them, and the joke is over.  3. Humor is the ability to laugh about ourselves, for that to happen, being objective is a must.  4.  On the psychological view, fanatics are usually insecure people, their inability to choose, they feel secure being a part of an established political party, a religion, an actor, etc. 5.  Humor is the antidote to the contagious fanaticism virus. 6.  Freud stated it is through fanaticism that people search for their happiness and security.  7. Sociologist and psychologist Erich Fromm defines fanaticism as a way to escape from loneliness.

To translate this research into an art form.  Cartoon figures in papier march will emphasized humor.  Religious, political, racial, sports and celebrities fanaticism are part of the concept to ridicule fanaticism.